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Happy Friendship Day Quotes | Friendship Day 2018 Quotes Sayings Messages Greetings in Hindi & English

Friendship Day Quotes – Hi Friends, With fellowship day 2018 all around the bend. Is it true that you are scanning for Happy Friendship Day Quotes? At that point, you are at the plain correct place. In this post, we have shared the best accumulation of Friendship Day Quotes in Hindi and English, Happy Friendship Day Greetings Messages, Friendship Day Sayings. We trust you have parcels and heaps of companions to impart the recollections to you. Companions are that kin which we get the chance to pick. That is the reason companionship is the most delightful connection on the planet. It shares trust, confidence, love, and fondness among each other with no blood connections and connections. We have likewise shared Happy Friendship Day Images and Friendship Day Pictures Free Download.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes in Sayings

Happy Friendship Day Quotes in Sayings

Friendship Day Quotes for Best Friends

Friendship Day Quotes for Best Friends

Fellowship day is multi-day to return to the old circumstances when we used to have various wrist groups of companionship on our wrists. Possibly now the companions who one tied the groups are not around you any longer, but rather you know they dwell in your heart always with a unique and saved place. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that they are nowhere to be found; don’t give their nonappearance a chance to be an obstruction to your adoration. Send them respects and fellowship welcome loaded with affection this companionship day to make this day more unique for them and let them be reminded that the awful days are gone yet not the kinship ones.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes

Friendship Day 2018 Quotes: Words characterize love in a way no other medium can. We are certain that with 2018 companionship day around the bend, you should search for fellowship day cites for companions and kinship day cites for closest companions. Here you can discover a wide range of kinship day cites welcome to send to the ones you cherish and have an exceptional place in your life and heart. This even fellowship day’s statements for the sweetheart, darling, spouse, GF after all they are companions first. Pictures outwardly characterize your emotions and words portray them to influence the peruser to feel your essence. By consolidating them both, you can send love to your companions living far away in the most ideal way. You can download some fellowship day sites with pictures to send to your friends and family.

Friendship Day Quotes in English

Friendship Day Quotes in English

  • “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
    – Walter Winchell
  • “If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.”
    – Winnie the Pooh
  • “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”
    – Ernest Hemingway
  • “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
    – C.S. Lewis
  • “True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.”
    – David Tyson
  • “Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.”
    – Washington Irving
  • “There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.”
    – Jim Henson
  • “A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.”
    – Leo Scalia
  • “Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up.”
    – Thomas J. Watson
  • “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”
    — Dale Carnegie
  • “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
    – Unknown
  • “How many slams in an old screen door? Depends how loud you shut it. How many slices in a bread? Depends how thin you cut it. How much good inside a day? Depends how good you live ’em. How much love inside a friend? Depends how much you give ’em.”
    – Shel Silverstein
  • “Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.”
    – Oscar Wilde
  • “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.”
    – Confucius
  • “A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.”
    – Arnold H. Glasgow
  • We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone. Friendship Day Quotes by: Orson Welles
  • Love is a friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses. Friendship Day Quotes by: Ann Landers
  • Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day. Friendship Day Quotes by: John Wooden
Friendship Day SMS Images

Friendship Day SMS Images

Happy friendship day SMS images

Happy friendship day SMS images

Happy Friendship Day 2018 Quotes in Hindi & English

Stressed over the dialect your companion talks? Or then again would you like to make it more unique for him this kinship day by wishing him/her in their tongue? Schools and universities unite the entire of India, and we make companions with no limits.

Give this fellowship day a chance to be exceptional for your companions by sending them kinship day cites in English, kinship day cites in Marathi and kinship day cites in Tamil, Telugu and the sky is the limit from there. Do words mirror your emotions like a mirror and what is superior to words in their lingo? So let your companions realize that you particularly well in their souls by redirecting from the conventional and sending them to adore in their dialect.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes in Hindi

अपनी दोस्ती का बस इतना सा असूल है,
जो तू कुबूल है…. तो तेरा सब कुछ कुबूल है.

दोस्तों की दोस्ती में कभी कोई रूल नहीं होता है
और ये सिखाने के लिए, कोई स्कूल नहीं होता है

Friendship Day Quotes in Hindi

Friendship Day Quotes in Hindi

दोस्ती में ना कोई वार, ना कोई दिन होता हैं,
ये तो वो एहसास है जिसमे बस यार होता हैं|

तुम जिन्दगी में आ तो गये हो मगर ख्याल रखना,
हम ‘जान’ दे देते हैं मगर ‘जाने’ नहीं देते !!

अँधेरे अब नहीं डसते, उजाले वार करते है,
वो दुश्मन भी नहीं करते, जो मैरे यार करते है.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes in English

Friendship Day Quotes Friends

Friendship Day Quotes Friends

  • “It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.”
    – Epicurus
  • “Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.”
    – William James
  • “The tender friendships one gives up, on parting, leave their bite on the heart, but also a curious feeling of a treasure somewhere buried.”
    – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
    – Abraham Lincoln
  • “A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may think aloud. I am arrived at last in the presence of a man so real and equal, that I may drop even those undermost garments of dissimulation, courtesy, and second thought, which men never put off, and may deal with him with the simplicity and wholeness with which one chemical atom meets another.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”
    – Tennessee Williams
  • “If it’s very painful for you to criticize your friends — you’re safe in doing it. But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that’s the time to hold your tongue.”
    – Alice Duer Miller
  • “The best time to make friends is before you need them.”
    – Ethel Barrymore
  • “In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”
    – Khalil Gibran
  • “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
    — Carl W. Buechner
  • “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”
    – Unknown
  • “The royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most.”
    — Dale Carnegie
  • “Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
    – Albert Camus
  • “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”
    – Brandi Snyder

A Perfect Friend I admit I’ll never be the perfect friend. I’ll never be there always. I may not make u smile at times but there is one thing I admit I could do. To be the person I could be for u. Friendship Day Quotes in Englsih

A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.

Leave SOMETHING for a friend. Never Leave FRIEND for something.. coz in life, SOMETHINGS will leave u but FRIENDS will always live with u.

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