Hello friends welcome to my website. First of all i wish you a very very happy friendship day. We celebrating this special day to honoring our best and special friends and thanks them for everything he/she done for us to make our life colorful and beautiful. Usually this day we share friendship day images on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, whats app, telegram, pinterest and many more, change our facebook, whats app and other social sites dp, upload friendship day images, so if you are looking for best friendship day images than you are at the very right place, in this beautiful page i am sharing amazing friendship images that everyone likes to share with all lovely friends on social media.





We can never imagine a colorful life without friends whenever we go back in past and thinking about our childhood, our school life and our college life, we always smiles about thinking about those enjoy full days and first of all we remembers all those friends they make our life enjoy full and all the crazy things we do on that time are not possible without friends. friendship is the most important part of our life. thats why everyone want that time back in life which was we enjoyed with our friends. I am sharing few lines about a friend that you really enjoy in a meaning full way :-

A friend is someone who cares
Someone who is always there

A friend is someone special
Someone who you can tell everything

A friend is someone who will never betray you
No matter who doesn’t like you

A friend is someone you can trust
Someone kind of like you

friendship is a very independent relationship in our life, because we share anything and everything with our friend that we can not do in any other relationship, that’s why friendship is play a very important role in everyones life and how hardly everyone needs friends in his/her life. We can never imagine a perfect life without friends. here is a poem dedicated to true friends :-

Friendship Day Poems for Loved Ones

My friend you are so true at heart,
Our friendship is so strong,
That no can make us apart,
You are my best friend, my true buddy,
With you in my life, I feel no fear,
Thank you my friend my dear!


We find out what we’re made of
When we are called to help our friends in need


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